5 stars

'Entertainment with showmanship, razzmatazz and spectacular puppets. A magical piece of theatre for children!'

5 stars

'Highly recommended for all ages'

4 stars

'The perfect family show. Educational and entertaining.'

'Forget the new Jurassic Park film, if you want to get up close to our prehistoric pals then you won’t want to miss Dinosaur World Live…the ideal show for all dino-fanatics!'

'A winner!'

'The show is a roaring success.'

'The children were spellbound.'

'The puppetry was excellent with the animals moving in an incredibly life-like way.'

'We adored Dinosaur World, it was interesting, factual, visually amazing and lots of fun for all the family.'

'Show's like Dinosaur World are so joyous for family entertainment and we would definitely recommend you catch this one on tour.'

'This is a great interactive show. The movements and sounds of the dinosaurs was incredibly realistic. My boy’s face was a picture when he was watching.'

'The tiddler was absolutely transfixed by the whole show...he literally sat on the edge of his seat throughout the whole thing.'

'Blew us all away...a great interactive show for all the family!'

'Amazing...The whole audience loved it!'

'The dinosaurs were incredible…I would definitely recommend the show.'


'Utterly breathtaking...the boys absolutely love it!'

​'It lived up to and beyond our expectations!'