Walking with Dinosaurs in Milton Keynes

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Meet Dinosaurs in Milton Keynes! Have a look at the Milton Keynes attractions here and book your tickets today!

The residents of Milton Keynes are no strangers to Dinosaurs, with Gulliver’s Fun Dinosaur park being there, but have they ever met a dinosaur?

Well, if you are in Milton Keynes Thu 19 – Sat 21 July, you CAN!

Dinosaur World Live will be playing at The Milton Keynes Theatre 19-21st July – so hurry – book your tickets here!


  • The Summer Solstice lands this year on the 21st of June – and Milton Keynes’ Midsummer Boulevard got its name because the sun rises at its east end on this day!
  • No-one in Milton Keynes is ever more than half a mile from a park! The town covers 119 square miles and is 40% green space!
  • Alan Turing cracked the Enigma Code in Bletchley Park during WWII!
  • Milton Keynes has around 180 miles of dedicated footpaths, bridleways and cycletracks across the borough.
  • You thought Venice had a lot of bridges? Well Milton Keynes has even more thanks to 11 miles of canals.
  • 250 million daffodils and more than 22 million trees and shrubs are planted in Milton Keynes!
  • The Blue Lagoon in Bletchley has at least 28 species of butterfly.
  • The Smallest Canal Lock (Fenny Lock) is in Milton Keynes.
  • Outside London, Milton Keynes Theatre is the most popular theatre in the UK.
  • Milton Keynes is home to more than 200 works of public art.