Best attractions for your children in London

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Looking for things to do in London with children? Book your tickets now to discover dinosaurs in London!

Things are really hotting up in London this week, and the Dinosaurs can’t WAIT to get their claws stuck into the boards of Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre!

This August is set to be the sunniest London has ever seen, and boy are we happy! Dinosaur World Live is guaranteed to be one of the best outdoor attractions for kids this summer, so don’t hesitate, book your tickets here!

Dinosaur World Live will be playing at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre from the 14th August – 9th September.


ANOTHER new dinosaur species has been discovered! Named ‘the amazing dragon from Lingwu’ this newly discovered sauropod (mentioned in our previous blog post) is thought to be 15 million years older than any other diplodocoids previously discovered.

Diplodocoids and Sauropods were previously thought to have been entirely absent from China, but this amazing discovery  could help us understand how dinosaurs and other creatures scattered over the ancient supercontinent of Pangaea!

Read more about this discovery here.