How old is old enough to watch a live performance?

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Not sure if your children can watch a live show? Our Dinosaur World Live performance is suitable for kids 3+. Book your tickets today!

As a parent, it’s often hard to know if your kids will be able to sit still throughout a whole theatre show, and enjoy it! Parents have hailed Dinosaur World Live is the perfect antidote for distracted kids; not only does it include spellbinding (and incredibly life-like) puppets, it makes learning about our prehistoric pals fun AND interactive! Suitable for kids 3 and above, check out what people have been saying here:

My four year old son was in awe…you’ll leave the show feeling thoroughly entertained’

‘The tiddler was absolutely transfixed by the whole show…he literally sat on the edge of his seat throughout the whole thing.

Utterly breathtaking…the boys absolutely love it!’

‘Entertainment with showmanship, razzmatazz and spectacular puppets. A magical piece of theatre for children!

‘Highly recommended for all ages’

Dinosaur World Live will be playing in Woking Thu 4 – Sat 6 Oct! Book your tickets here.