Most famous fictional dinosaurs of all time

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Kids love dinosaurs. And so do many adults! So it’s no surprise that these prehistoric beasts find their way into TV shows, books, movies and even Sheffield attractions such as Dinosaur World Live. This awesome show is currently touring the UK and uses stunning puppetry to bring life-like dinos to the big stage. The question is, which fictional dinosaurs do we all love the best? Here are some all-time favourites.

  1. Barney

Scientists have spent years trying to work out what colour dinosaurs could have been. Some suggest they had black feathers, while red hues have been thrown into the mix. While it’s unlikely that a T-rex would have been bright purple with a green belly, this colour combination certainly makes Barney stand out from the crowd. The real T-rex wouldn’t have been all-singing toddler-friendly beasts either, but who’s judging?

  1. Dino

Another purple dinosaur we all know and love is Dino. He’s the pet of the Flintstones family and acts very much like a fun-loving, slobbery and overexcited puppy. He loves to jump on Fred when he comes home and is a very huggable caveman companion. In fact, he’s one of the friendliest dinosaurs around, belonging to the little-known dinosaur genus ‘Snorkosaurus.’

  1. Rex

One thing you may have noticed is that many fictional dinosaurs, especially cartoon dinosaurs, play against type. Toy Story’s Rex for example is a shy, meek and totally unscary T-rex. When he’s practising his roar, cowboy companion Woody states, “I was close to being scared that time, Rex.” Rex replies, “I was going for fearsome, but I just don’t feel it. I think I’m just coming off as annoying.” Rex spends his life afraid that his owner Andy will replace him with a more intimidating dino worrying, “I don’t think I can take that kind of rejection.” Poor Rex!

  1. Big Bird 

Many dinosaurs had wings and would take to the skies. So it’s not unthinkable that Sesame Street’s Big Bird could be a dinosaur. Which, in fact, he is. This is revealed in episode 4608 when Chris Robinson finds an interesting fact in a book which states that birds are descendants of feathered dinosaurs. In fact, birds evolved many traits from their dino ancestors and still show some of them today, including bashing their way out of eggs.

  1. Littlefoot 

Who can forget the dinosaur clan from The Land Before Time? The first movie dates back to 1988 but there have been many cartoon series since. Littlefoot is one of the most popular characters. He’s a ‘long neck’ which is the series’ description of a sauropod dinosaur – or one with a small head, long neck and long, powerful tail. He has to fend for himself when his mother gets killed. This, of course, pulls on our heart strings and makes us warm to him.

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Sheffield, don’t miss Dinosaur World Live. When it comes to places to go in Sheffield, this is sure to keep the whole family entertained.