Kids love dinosaurs. From watching them on TV to playing with dinosaur toys and even going to see Dinosaur show in London, there are many dinosaur-themed activities to enjoy. If you’ve not heard about Dinosaur World Live, an open-air theatre UK experience ideal for the whole family, don’t miss out. It’s one of the best kids’ theatre shows in London, bringing a host of impressive dinosaurs to the stage, live at The Drive In.


But for now, here are 10 famous fictional dinosaurs to satisfy your Jurassic appetite.


1. Dino


He’s purple, cute and best-known for starring alongside Fred and Barny in the Flintstones. He’s kind of like an oversized, slobbery retriever and is the perfect companion for a caveman.


Fun fact: According to the show’s producers, Dino belongs to the little-known genus ‘Snorkosaurus.’


2. Barney


What is it with fictional dinosaurs being purple? Barney is a singing, dancing, toddler-friendly dinosaur with a big smile and a gal pal called Baby Bop. He might be a T-Rex, but there’s nothing ferocious about this Jurassic cutie.


3. Rex


Toy Story’s Rex is also nothing like you’d expect a Tyrannosaurus to be. He’s rather shy and timid despite being a more realistic shade of green. Constantly afraid that owner Andy will replace him with a more intimidating dinosaur, Rex pulls on the heart strings.


4. Yoshi


As Mario and Luigi’s much-loved sidekick, Yoshi is a favourite of retro gamers. He appears in video games published by Nintendo and made his first appearance in Super Mario World (1990).


5. Big Bird


Believe it or not Sesame Street’s Big Bird is, in fact, a dinosaur. This is revealed in episode 4608 when Chris Robinson finds an interesting fact in a book which states that birds are descendants of feathered dinosaurs. Awesome!


6. Littlefoot


The Land Before Time dates back to 1988 and remains a popular family movie. Littlefoot, one of the main characters, was a child brontosaurus forced to fend for himself when his mum gets killed.


7. Spike


Another popular character from The Land Before Time including major sequels and television spin offs includes Spike – a Stegosaurus also known as Spiketail. He’s the silent type, only uttering a few words here and there. But his appetite is huge.


8. T-Rex from Jurassic Park


The deafening roar from Jurassic Park’s T-Rex certainly makes this dinosaur unforgettable. Using the best cinematic tricks of the day, T-Rex got up to all tricks from scaring kids trapped in a car to eating a lawyer off the toilet.


9. The Sinclair Family


The Sinclair Family were a bunch of talking dinosaurs that had their own sitcom – pretty awesome. The Sinclairs consisted of Pop Earl, mum Fran, oldest son Robbie, daughter Charlene, mother-in-law Ethel and an infant baby which stole the show. The baby would constantly sit on Earl’s head shouting “Not the Mama.”


10. Bowser


Bowser is a popular Nintendo character often referred to as Bowser, King of the Koopa. The turtle-like Kooper race evolved from dinosaurs.


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