5 Fun Dinosaur Learning Activities

With their sharp teeth, scaly bodies, spiky backs and whippy tails, it’s no wonder that so many kids are fascinated by dinosaurs. If your little ones are totally obsessed with these prehistoric beasts, why not enhance their knowledge with these five fun dinosaur learning activities?


  1. Dinosaur World Live

First up, how about a dinosaur show? Dinosaur World Live is currently touring the UK and offers roarsome fun for the whole family. Head back to a time when dinos walked the earth and meet your favourite prehistoric reptiles, including the flesh-eating giant Tyrannosaurus Rex. With sensational puppetry bringing all the dinos to life on stage, this is a show that’ll educate and entertain, with a special meet and greet giving young explorers the chance to make a new dinosaur friend. Recommended for children aged 3+ and with a running time of just 50 minutes, this show has been specifically made for kids, so source Dinosaur World prices today and get your dinosaur tickets for a day out to remember.


  1. Become Mini Paleontologists

Teach your children about the discovery of dinosaurs by becoming mini palaeontologists for the day. Simply bury some dinosaur figures or model dinosaur bones in regular or kinetic sand and let your little ones dig them out using small tools like a toothbrush. This will give them an idea of just how time consuming and detailed palaeontology really is. Before you start, you could even show them a video of palaeontologists at work to fuel their imaginations.


  1. Make Dino Skeletons from Pasta

For this activity, start by finding images of dinosaur skeletons in books or on the internet. Tyrannosaurus Rex is always a great choice or you could opt for the unique bones of a Stegosaurus. Next, get some black paper and form your pasta pieces into the shape of a dinosaur skeleton before sticking them down using PVA or a glue gun (adult supervision necessary). Alternatively, push each pasta piece into playdough to create your very own dinosaur fossil.


  1. Craft Some Salt Dough Bones

Choose a dinosaur you’d like to focus on and look carefully at the bones that make up its skeleton. Draw templates for each bone and use them to cut bone-like shapes out of salt dough. Once the bone shapes have been baked and are hard, you can then bury them in sand or soil and ask a sibling, parent or friend to dig them up for a bit of extra fun.


  1. Sort Dinosaurs by Type

If you have a huge box of dinosaur figures in your house, why not put this to good use? Firstly, make two beautiful posters, one saying Leaf Eaters (Herbivores) and one saying Meat Eaters (Carnivores). You can then spend time researching which dinosaurs ate meat and which didn’t, putting all of the figures in order. Next, change the posters to Swimmers and Non Swimmers and continue your research project.


There are many different dinosaur activities to enjoy. Don’t forget to book your Dinosaur World Live tickets for a day out to remember.