Taller than a tower block, longer than a bus and more ferocious than any creature alive today, dinosaurs were huge, formidable and striking creatures that dominated the water, sky and land. While some species of dino were small, others were absolutely massive and have left a lasting impression for millions of years. These ‘terrible lizards’ still appear in books, TV shows and even theatre productions, with the Dinosaur World Live stage show being one of the most fun things to do in Sheffield.


Here are five of the biggest dinosaurs that ever roamed planet Earth.


#1. Dreatnoughtus


The Dreatnoughtus might have been a herbivore, only eating plants, but it was one of the biggest and heaviest dinosaurs to walk the earth. Coming in at 26-metres long from nose to tail, it was bigger than your average public swimming pool. Its neck alone measured an impressive 11 metres, and its tail was just over eight metres. The Dreatnoughtus also had a shoulder height of two storeys and weighed around 65 tonnes.


#2. Argentinosaurus


Argentinosaurus is so huge that a single bone was revealed to be the size of a fully grown human being. While no complete skeletons of this magnificent beast have ever been found, scientists believe that the Argentinosaurus was around 37-40 metres long and weighed about 100 tonnes. This makes it one of the largest land animals ever known. As an interesting fact, Argentinosaurus was named after being discovered on a ranch in Argentina.


#3. Titanosoar


When you see ‘titan’ at the start of a dinosaur name, you know it’s going to be an incredibly huge beast. Titan is a word given to something important, powerful, strong, big or clever. And it’s fair to say that the Titanosaur was a titanic creature that towered above many other species. Its thigh bone alone measures an impressive 3.4 metres from end to end, and it’s thought to have weighed in at an impressive 70 tonnes.


#4. Paralititan Stromeri


When a thigh bone measuring almost two metres long was discovered at a dig site in Cairo, palaeontologists jumped with excitement. After all, they’d just discovered a bone from the Paralititan Stromeri which helped them to predict that this dinosaur would have been around 30 metres long and around 65 tonnes in weight. A collection of broken shoulder blades, front leg bones, teeth and vertebrae were also found at the site – and were also massive.


#5. Austroposeidon Magnificus


Dinosaur names aren’t always easy to say. But that’s part of the fun. If you can spell these names too, you can spell virtually any other word on the planet.


This particular; creature with a very tricky name was found in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Fossil analysis revealed it to be a whopping 25 metres in length when it roamed Earth some 84 million years ago.


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