Looking for things to do in Poole? Read more about the dinosaurs show in Poole and book your tickets now!


Ah, Poole… The beautiful coastal town full of nautical wonder – and soon DINOSAUR WORLD LIVE!


Everyone knows there are so many things to do in Poole; from surfing to Splashdown Waterpark – you’re not really at a loss for activity! However as the seasons change, the call of indoor exertion is mighty – and we have just the remedy… Dinosaur World Live is coming to Poole! That’s right, no need to look further, Miranda and the gang are guaranteed to suffice any hunger for adventure; with a Giraffatitan, Triceratops AND a T-Rex on board, THIS show is not one to be missed. So, stop your search: Dinosaur World Live is THE thing to do in Poole, this October. Book your tickets here!




The 95 mile coastline between Exmouth in East Devon and Studland Bay in Dorset hails itself as the Jurassic Coast – so it’s no wonder the dinosaurs are so excited to land there!


The south coast of Dorset is an essential visit for any budding palaeontologist. There is even the opportunity to dig up your own ammonites on one of the coasts ‘fossil trails’ if you’re lucky! Why not check out one of these trails and bring your own fossil to meet the Dinosaurs of Dinosaur World Live?


Read more about the Jurassic Coast here: https://jurassiccoast.org