***Our show has now ended at Birmingham Town Hall, please check our events page for your next closest show. We will be at London Regent’s Park throughout summer so come and experience our London Dinosaur show then***


Looking for a kids day out in Birmingham? Come visit Dinosaur World Live for a fun family day out!


Are you a dino fanatic? Love discovering old and new friends? Or even a parent with a family of budding archeologists that want to get up close to an (almost) real dinosaur? Then don’t miss this opportunity as Dinosaur World Live will be at Birmingham Town Hall and Symphony Hall Saturday 19 – Sunday 20 May! Book your tickets now!


How many dinosaurs can you name? T-Rex? Check. Triceratops? Check. Giraffatitian? Now things are getting interesting…


Join these amazing creatures and their amazing pal Miranda as they take you on a journey through a world of fun, facts and discovery.


Book your tickets here for your chance to even MEET some of these wonders, and keep on ROARING!


Did You Know?


Today is hug an Australian day!


Some of the best loved dinos resided in Australia, and although you might not be able to hug them, you can still learn about them!


If you asked an Australian what their favourite dinosaur was, they would probably tell you it was the Muttburrasaurus! The fossils of this middle Cretaceous ornithopod are some of the most complete ever to be discovered Down Under, and it is absolutely HUGE (about 30 feet long and three tons!) Although it looked terrifying, this Jurassic wonder was a simple plant eater (or herbivore to you and me).


Now, you might not believe it, but the world was once quite a small thing. You may have heard of the Iguanadon, which is a close relative of this amazing creature!


Find out more about the Muttburrasaurus here.