Dinosaur Day in Ipswich: How to entertain active kids

Believe it or not, dinosaurs are a big part of Ipswich’s heritage. If your kids are keen to delve into the town’s pre-historic past, there are plenty of places to begin your journey. A dinosaur day can be a great way to both educate and entertain toddlers and teens alike, so let’s take a look at places to visit in Ipswich where you can discover more about the reptiles that once stalked the planet.


Ipswich Museum

The most obvious place to start is a museum, and Ipswich Museum doesn’t disappoint those looking to find a dinosaur. Head to the first floor and, by the staircase, you’ll find a complete fossil of an Ichthyosaur. This marine dinosaur was a common sight in the oceans of the late Triassic and early Jurassic periods, but died out some 112 million years ago. This rare fossil is a really exciting specimen!


New Wolsey Theatre

It might seem a little strange to think your next dinosaur encounter would be at a theatre, but catch the Dinosaur World Live show and you’ll soon understand why the New Wolsey is on our list! Introducing you to both famous and lesser-known creatures of the pre-historic past, this kid-friendly show uses stunning puppetry to tell the story of some roarsome dinos. It’s playing from 13-14 February, and is one of the most exciting activities in Ipswich in 2023, so don’t miss out.


Pakefield, Lowestoft

You’ll likely need to take a separate day trip for this, but if you’re interested in finding some pre-historic specimens for yourself, head up to Pakefield Beach. The area is packed with all kinds of fossils, from ancient marine animals such as ammonites to ichthyosaur bones. Put your wellies on and get hunting!



Combine your love of dinosaurs with a round of golf at Congo Rapids Lost World Adventure Golf, which is located at Woodbridge, just 20 minutes’ drive from Ipswich. During this dino-themed activity, you’ll marvel at the five-metre-tall brachiosaurus, play a hole among colossal dinosaur rib bones, meet an animatronic raptor, and face the fearsome T-Rex.


At home

If the weather’s not on your side, or you need dinosaur-themed things to do in Ipswich that don’t require travel, there are plenty of home-based crafts and activities you can enjoy on your dinosaur day.


The world looked very different when dinosaurs roamed the planet, with lots of volcanic activity and fertile land. Why not create your own dinosaur environment with a volcano, trees and plains? You can use a piece of cardboard as a base, an empty plastic bottle for the volcano, and crayons or felt tips for the plants. Then allow your toy dinosaurs to explore this new land.

If you’re more of a baker, put dinosaur biscuits on the menu. Get some dinosaur cookie cutters and make some delicious gingerbread or shortbread. Once baked, you can get creative and decorate the biscuits with icing.


Don’t miss the chance to catch Dinosaur World Live at the New Wolsey Theatre. At 50 minutes with no interval, it’s perfect for kids aged three and up. Book your tickets today.