Looking for things to do with kids in Bristol? Book tickets to Dinosaur World Live today!


How loud is your ROAR? Do you think it would challenge that of the mighty T-Rex? Why not head to Bristol Hippodrome and find out!


The dinosaurs will be appearing at the Bristol Hippodrome Thursday 28th – Saturday 30th June (with a special surprise for Bristol city, too!) so don’t miss your chance to stomp with the mightiest beasts that ever lived! Book your tickets here.


These incredible puppets have travelled far and wide across the country, and will be pounding the pavements of the West Country for the first time! So don’t forget this opportunity and book now to avoid disappointment!


Did You Know?


Rare dinosaur eggs were found in North America this month by a team of Palaeontologists from the North Carolina Museum of National History. They happened to be the eggs of the oviraptorosaur, a dinosaur whose eggs had only previously been discovered in China and Mongolia, until now!


The Museum of North Carolina issued a statement describing this particular beast: “To imagine an oviraptorosaur, picture an overgrown cassowary, complete with a half-moon shaped crest on the head, toothless beak, long feathers on the arms, and a broad tail-feather fan similar to a turkey,”


The leader of the exhibition, Lindsay Zanno, described the discovery as “incredibly exciting” – and she’s not wrong! How excited would YOU be if you’d discovered something as incredible as that!


Read more about the discovery here.