Are you looking for a Dino day out in London for kids? Visit the theatre in London and meet the dinosaurs this summer!




Dinosaurs are the talk of the town! In fact, they’re the talk of the city! Look out adventurers, the Dinos are coming to LONDON in this fantastic theatre show!


When do you think the last dinosaur walked in London? Nine million years ago? TEN million years ago? It was an awful long time, thats for sure!


But never fear! His summer you can not only see a dinosaur in London – you can meet them, too! That’s right, they’ll be at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre Tue 14 August – Sun 9 September! Don’t miss out, book your tickets here!


So, what dinosaurs lived in the uk?


Did any of your favourites? Unfortunately, the UK did not become home to the mighty T-Rex, but here are some of the amazing dinos that treaded the very ground we walked on, here in the UK!




Pel-oh-ROW-sore-us – or ‘monstrous lizard’

Now this beast wandered the United Kingdom in the Early Cretaceous period, over 125 MILLION years ago! At over 25 metres long, you wouldn’t want to get in the way of this liz! That being said, it lived by a herbivore diet, so you wouldn’t have to worry about being dinner for this dino! Phew!




proh-ker-at-oh-sore-us – or ’before Ceratosaurus’

A bit older than the Pelorosaurus, this little theropod roamed in the Mid Jurassic Period, meaning it was around 169 – 164 MILLION years ago! Although smaller than a lot of dinosaurs (at 4.1 metres long), this beast was vicious – with super sharp teeth, it was a meat eater (or carnivore), so I’d watch out for this one!


You can read more about the dinos that lived in England here: http://www.nhm.ac.uk/discover/dino-directory/country/england/gallery.html