Dinosaurs in Radlett: Fun days out with the family

Dinosaurs have been capturing the imagination of children and adults alike for centuries, and these days you don’t have to stray far from home to find them – particularly if you’re in Radlett this November. So if you’re looking for ideas for a fun family day out, here are some things to do in Radlett that will help your kids learn more about their favourite prehistoric reptiles.

Head to the Radlett Centre

The Radlett Centre is a hub for entertainment in the town, hosting musicals, comedy and dance events. It has a particularly strong children’s theatre programme, and kids can get up close to dinosaurs at the Dinosaur World Live show, which is playing from 1-3 November. At 50 minutes with no interval, it’s ideal for children aged three and up, and introduces dino-stars such as T-Rex and Stegosaurus as well as lesser-known creatures such as Giraffatitan and Microraptor. The show is a great opportunity for children to learn about the different types of dinosaur while being lots of fun, with interactive elements to keep all ages engaged.

Venture to Knebworth

Take a trip to Knebworth Gardens and you’ll find yourself among a range of life-sized dinosaurs. The Dinosaur Trail, which is part of the Wilderness Gardens, has 72 pre-historic creatures to spot, and kids can learn about T-Rex, the woolly mammoth and more. Information boards provide fun facts, while the chalk board lets you create your own cave-man drawings, and a wind-up sound box unleashes dinosaur roars.

Drop into Hertford Museum

A short drive from Radlett is Hertford Museum, where you’ll find some impressive prehistoric remains, including those of a woolly mammoth. There are also fossil specimens that date back to the time of the dinosaurs, giving an insight into Hertfordshire’s past as an underwater world. Other collections at the museum showcase natural history, fine art, and archaeological finds.

Create your own dino park

One of the most popular places to visit in Radlett is Phillimore Recreation Ground, a 16-acre parkland with a woodland area, a playground and a games area. Why not create your own dinosaur park there using toy dinos or models that you’ve made yourself? Recreate dinosaur battles or make up a story. You could even film it on a phone or tablet.

Get creative at home

If the weather’s bad, you can always try some dinosaur-themed activities in Radlett at home. Drawing and colouring is always popular with younger children, as are stickers, or you can try your hand at some 3D modelling with a clay kit. Keen bakers can have a go at making dinosaur cookies, which can then be iced in different colours.

Don’t miss the chance to meet a host of dinosaurs at Dinosaur World Live, playing at the Radlett Centre from 1-3 November. With its stunning puppetry and an exciting story, it’s the perfect day out for dino-mad kids. Book your tickets today!