Did you know Dreadnoughtus was a large Titanosaurian Sauropod Dinosaur? It was the largest land animal that ever lived!! Don’t worry if you didn’t, not many people know about the Dreadnoughtus.


Read on to find out more fun facts about this magnificent beast!


Fun fact 1:

Dreadnoughtus was a herbivore, it only ate plants.


Fun fact 2:

Dreadnoughtus lived in the Cretaceous period and lived in South America. Its fossils have been found in places such as Argentina.


Fun fact 3:

Only one specimen has been found by Palaeontologists.


Fun fact 4:

It roamed the planet 77 million years ago.


Fun fact 5:

Dreadnoughtus weighed more than a Boeing 747 airplane, which is over 65 tons.


Fun fact 6:

It also weighed more than 7 African Elephants.


Fun fact 7:

It was almost 9 car lengths long which is over 85 feet long.


Fun fact 8:

Dreadnoughtus means “fear nothing”.


Fun fact 9:

It lived in a terrestrial habitat.


Fun fact 10:

Dreadnoughtus was named after a battleship.


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