If you’re heading to Devon this summer, you might be looking for places to visit in Torquay. The good news is there’s plenty for all ages to enjoy in this part of the world. So here are some of the best things to do in Torquay when the temperature rises.


Explore Torquay’s Famous Beaches


Being a popular seaside resort, Torquay is home to some of the UK’s best beaches, with Oddicombe Beach being a top spot for families. The red, pebble-flecked sands are wonderfully picturesque and the waters are calm, offering a great swimming and paddling opportunity for families. Older kids might like to suss out the watersports too, with kayaks and pedalos readily available to help you tour the bay.


If you’ve been researching Torquay, you may have already heard of Torre Abbey Sands, a stunning strip of beach that forms part of the so-called English Riviera. It’s a must-see and lives up to its name with its stunning sands, views and sunshine, with many holiday makers also enjoying the grassy expanse of nearby Torre Abbey Meadows.


Go fossil hunting


The Devon coast is renowned for its wealth of fossils, which can be found from Sidmouth all the way down to Plymouth. The beaches around Torquay are especially rich in fossils, with Daddy Hole and Hopes Nose being particularly noted for their extinct corals and brachiopods – a kind of marine animal. Fossil hunting can be great fun, but take care not to remove what you find – these are protected areas.


Discover the world of dinosaurs


If the fossils on the beach have sparked your imagination, why not go and see some prehistoric creatures brought to life at the Princess Theatre? Dinosaur World Live is travelling to Torquay this June, and gives you a glimpse into the Cretaceous world, with favourites such as Triceratops and T-rex all being introduced.


 Visit Torquay Museum


From dinosaurs to early man, continue your journey through history at Torquay Museum. Offering a diverse collection of artefacts, it’s home to fascinating Stone Age tools as well as human and animal remains from the famous Kents Cavern. You can also see scores of Ancient Egyptian objects like amulets, shabti figures, and even a mummified hand. There’s also the complete mummy of a boy from the 18th Dynasty (around 600BC).


 Head to Torquay Harbour


 Things to do in Torquay for families are plentiful, and Torquay Harbour is a particularly awesome attraction for all ages. An exclusive home for incredible yachts, this is a bustling part of town that’s lined with cafés, galleries and restaurants. From fish and chip shops to Michelin star dining experiences, you can tailor your harbour experience to suit your budget. Want to watch the world go by? Then sit back and relax with an ice cream on one of the many benches that are tucked underneath swaying palms. When you’ve gained back some energy, you could then wander into the town centre for a spot of shopping.