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Today, the largest dinosaur ever discovered has been brought back to life in Chicago’s Field Museum, as a cast of the Patagotitan Mayorum takes its impressive place in the Stanley Field Hall. The dinosaur is made from the fossil bones found in Argentina, and he was part of a group of dinosaurs called titanosaurs, like Gertrude!


The new dinosaur has been named Maximo, “maximum” in Spanish, because he stretches 122 feet from the top of his head to the tip of his tail! In fact, Maximo is so big that “The installation took three days,” said Bill Simpson, head of geological collections at the museum.


Maximo is so tall that his head overlooks the second-floor balcony of the museum. That’s even bigger than Gertrude!


Maximo’s cousin, another Patagotitan cast, is on display at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, but due to its enormous size and the limitation of space, the head and tail of the Patagotitan in New York are in two different rooms!


WOW! You can read more about Maximo and his amazing construction here.