A new theory about how ancient ancestors of Dinosaurs stopped moving about on all fours and towered on just their two hind legs has been developed by Palaeontologists at the University of Alberta.


It is believed that the form of moving on two legs instead of four was handed down from Dinosaur’s ancestors. Starting with the early proto-Dinosaur (Dinosaur-like animal) species, they evolved to enable them to run faster and for greater distances.


The theory suggests that early Dinosaurs stopped moving about on all fours and rose up on just their two hind legs, thanks to their large, muscular tails. Having this muscle mass provided the strength and power required for early Dinosaurs to stand on and move with their two back feet. A similar effect can be seen in many modern lizards that rise up and run on their hind legs.


The evolution started over time as proto-Dinosaurs (Dinosaur like animals that lived before Dinosaurs) changed to run faster and for longer distances. Natural adaptations like hind leg elongation (lengthening) allowed ancient Dinosaurs to run faster and smaller arms helped to reduce frontal body weight and improve balance. Eventually, some proto-Dinosaurs gave up walking on four legs completely.


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