Can’t keep your active kids entertained? Read more about the dinosaurs in London at your local children’s theatre and book tickets while they last!


So, Summer is finally here – and boy do we know it with this heatwave!


It’s clear that anyone with active kids wants to find something that will really engage them, and what better with this weather than the most magical outdoor experience in London!


Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre will be Dinosaur World Live’s home all through August, and we can guarantee that it will have any child (and adult!) gripped, from start to finish. Active kids busy running around London? Not a problem with Dinosaur World Live!


Book your tickets here.




The fossil of the first giant dinosaur was discovered THIS WEEK in Argentina!


Ingentia prima (latin for first giant), is part of the sauropodomorphs group and was found by scientists during a field trip. They discovered four skeletons overall, three of which being previously known and one brand new super-dino!


According to their research, the team working with these fossils stated that some of these dinosaurs would have weighed as much as a space shuttle!


It’s incredible that we are still finding new and amazing creatures even now, and who knows what the future will hold? Maybe even YOU could discover a new dinosaur! Now THAT’s RAWSOME.


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