How to Make a Dinosaur Themed Lunchbox

How to Make a Dinosaur Themed Lunchbox

If your little ones are obsessed with anything prehistoric, why not give them a memorable  dinosaur experience, by creating your own dino themed lunchbox? This can be taken to school, nursery or on day trips and is sure to make your little ones smile. Here are some roarsome ideas.


  1. Buy Green Accessories

Before you even think about food, try to source a green lunchbox with dinosaurs on it - or just a green container will do. Even if you have clear food storage boxes, some green napkins or cutlery can make your themed lunch look so much better.


  1. Make Dino-Themed Sandwiches

Use a cookie cutter in the shape of your child’s favourite dinosaur to make dino-themed sandwiches. Simply make a sandwich with a filling you know your little one will eat and then push the cutter down into them to create some fun shapes.


As a note - using a cutter is way easier than trying to cut a dinosaur shape with a knife. Also, if your children are not sandwich fans, you can use the cutters to shape virtually anything savoury including flatbreads, pizzas, omelettes and more.


  1. Cook Dinosaur Pasta

Believe it or not, you can buy dinosaur pasta shapes that are perfect for lunchboxes. Cover it in your child’s favourite pasta sauce - be it tomato, cheese or pesto - and sprinkle it with cheese for a deliciously dino-themed lunch.


  1. Knock Up Some Dinosaur Eggs

Boil some eggs the night before and gently crush the shell once cooked to expose some egg white. Do not peel completely. Place the eggs in some food colouring overnight - blue, green and red work well - then peel them in the morning. They should have a colourful pattern and look like dinosaur eggs. Nestle the eggs on some salad leaves in the lunchbox.


  1. Cut up Broccoli Florets

If your children like broccoli, cut some florets to look like trees. If they’re not a big fan, slice cucumber into thin strips to look like tall grass. To make these vegetables even more scrumptious, be sure to provide a small pot of hummus or tzatziki for dipping. Can’t get your kids to eat greens? Then find a large and wide carrot and cut a few carrot circles. Using a knife, sculpt each circle of carrot into a dinosaur foot.


  1. Bake Dinosaur Cookies

Every lunch box needs a small sweet treat, so how about baking dinosaur cookies that can easily be squeezed into your child’s Jurassic themed lunchbox? You could even enjoy a spot of baking together and go to town with the decoration. Green icing works well and you can add sprinkles for a dash of colour.


  1. Whizz up a Green Smoothie

Make a swampie smoothie by whizzing up fruit such as banana, mango, strawberries, pineapple and peaches with greens such as spinach, celery and kale. Be aware that if you use darker fruits such as berries, your smoothie might turn brown, but this is also fine for a dino packed lunch and is super healthy.


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