How to Make a Fun Dinosaur Garden

If your little ones are obsessed with prehistoric beasts, you may have checked out a dinosaur attraction UK, such as Dinosaur World Live at the theatre. This is a great treat for children aged three and above. But did you know you can also enjoy a host of Jurassic fun at home? Making your own dinosaur garden is a fun, creative activity for youngsters and will provide a great space for dinosaur toys to roam. Here’s how to create your very own dinosaur experience.


Dinosaur Garden Instructions


Step 1: Find a Planter

The first thing you need to do is source a large planter or a garden tray deep enough to plant several green and leafy plants. An old barrel also works well for this and can be painted with waterproof paint in the design of your choice before you start the garden.


Step 2: Plant Some Herbs and Greenery

The next step is to look for some leafy plants that will create the ultimate prehistoric environment. If you want to create an edible garden that’ll introduce your children to gardening and growing their own food, opt for herbs and leafy veg. Dill is a good choice as it’s naturally green and bushy. And why not throw in a red leaf lettuce for some colour and texture? Use potting soil to secure the plants and herbs, making sure it’s watered daily. Your kids will love going outside each evening to water their dino garden.


Step 3: Go Rock Hunting

The next thing you need to do is look for some larger rocks and smaller pebbles that’ll add interest to your dinosaur garden. Head out with the kids on a ‘rock hunting’ mission. You could even wash, dry and paint them to add a dash of extra interest and colour to your dinosaur scene.


Step 4: Make a Volcano

While out rock hunting, see if you can find a rock that will make a great volcano. Anything chunky with a pointy top will work well. Paint the top yellow and red so it looks like hot lava and position in your dinosaur garden. If you can’t find a suitable rock, you might want to look for a plastic alternative that you can pop into the garden as an accessory.


Step 5: Introduce the Dinosaurs

Once the garden is complete, you can then introduce a host of toy dinosaurs to their new habitat. The kids will love stomping the dinos through the leafy jungle and positioning them on the rocks and by the volcano. A garden like this is perhaps more suitable for herbivores. But if a T-Rex just happens to stroll past on the lookout for meat, then so be it. Dinosaur gardens encourage interactive and imaginative play and help to keep the kids entertained.


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