How to Make Your Own Dinosaur Adventure

If you’re a huge fan of Jurassic beasts and want to create your very own dinosaur adventure, you’ve come to the right place. Walk in the steps of dinos, increase your knowledge of prehistoric creatures and enjoy the ultimate dinosaur experience. You could even learn all about palaeontology - the discovery and analysis of fossils. With this in mind, here are some unmissable ideas for a roarsome day of fun. 

  1. Head to Dinosaur World Live 

Searching for a ‘dinosaur event near me’? Don’t miss Dinosaur World Live which is currently stomping across the UK. Find your closest theatre and enjoy a dino adventure to remember forever. Remarkably life-like dinosaurs are brought to life on stage with the help of spectacular puppetry, allowing you to get awesomely close to your favourite prehistoric beasts. From Triceratops and Giraffatitan to the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, you can learn all about the creatures that once walked our planet. 

  1. Go Fossil Hunting 

Calling all budding palaeontologists! Why not go on a fossil hunting adventure by the coast and see if you can discover traces of dinosaur life from years ago? Great fossil hunting spots in the UK include the Jurassic Coast - a 95-mile long stretch of coastline in southern England. Lyme Regis, in particular, is a great place for both a holiday and a dash of exploration. This is where famous fossil finder, Mary Anning, discovered both plesiosaur and ichthyosaur skeletons, as well as many other important finds.


If you uncover anything, don’t forget to research more about your fossils. Perhaps keep a fossil hunting scrapbook or diary which you can add to every time you hunt for more.

  1. Dig for Dinosaurs 

If you want to dig for dinosaurs but don’t want to travel far from home, then don’t worry. Simply bury your most realistic dinosaur models or replica bones and fossils in the back garden or in trays of soil and then uncover them slowly using small tools such as a paintbrush. This is more fun if you take it in turns hiding and finding the dinosaurs with another person. You could even do this in a local park or wood where there’s plenty of diggable soil. Go a step further by hiding dinosaur models and fossils and then creating your very own dino discovery map for people to use.

  1. Make Dinosaur Masks 

If you love arts and crafts, how about making your very own dinosaur mask? Decide which dinosaur you want to recreate then draw a template of this creature on a piece of card before cutting it out and decorating it using bold colours. Cut out eye and mouth holes before attaching a length of elastic to each side of the mask long enough to stretch around your head. Once your mask is finished, pop it on and venture out for a dinosaur walk in a nearby woods or forest. Be sure not to frighten passers-by though! 


Creating your very own dinosaur adventure is great fun. Don’t forget to book your Dinosaur World Live tickets today for a family-friendly day out.