One of the best ways to enjoy live shows and theatre during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond is to head to a drive-in. And there’s lots of fun events and family-friendly entertainment showing at The Drive In, London including Dinosaur World Live! Complete with amazing puppets and all of our favourite prehistoric pals including the fierce T-Rex, this show is perfect for the whole family. But how can you prepare your kids for a drive-in show and to see the Dinosaurs in London? Here are some useful tips:


  1. Tell them what to expect

Kids like to know the plan. So, if you’re heading to any open air theatres or venues in the UK, like The Drive In, tell them what to expect ahead of time. Dinosaur World Live, for instance, will be performed live on stage at the front of the Drive In and will also be shown on a big screen at the same time. The show tells the story of Miranda and her dinosaur pals. If you prefer, you can explain that the dinosaurs are not real, (even if they are in our world!), but the use of realistic puppets will make them seem alive.


You can watch the show live from the comfort of your car and the sound will be streamed via your car’s FM radio, or a portable radio if you prefer. There is also allocated space beside the car should you wish to get out and stretch your legs. There are toilets at the venue, but the show will run for 50 minutes, so it’s best to explain they should go to the toilet before the show so they can sit down and relax in comfort.


  1. Explain the rules

Kids theatre shows in London are designed to be fun and shows like Dinosaur World Live firmly welcomes children of all ages. That said, there are some rules to follow in order for everyone to have a good time. Firstly, everyone should sit one person to a seat for maximum comfort. It’s also not permitted for children to walk around without supervision outside the car due to Covid-19 and Drive-In safety rules. And finally, please don’t leave any rubbish on site and be mindful of other visitors.


The good news is that you can bring your own drinks and snacks. So, why not get the kids to choose what they want to munch on during the show? You can also buy delicious cinema snacks, hot food and a whole range of drinks on site via the website at


This will be delivered to your car in a contact-free way via The Drive In’s attendants.


It’s also a good idea to explain that this is a contactless theatre experience so kids don’t have to worry about breaking any social distancing rules.


  1. Build excitement

Get the kids excited by telling them how different a drive-in experience will be and how people in America used to watch movies this way a lot. Explain they won’t be sitting with other people in a cinema but will be watching with you in the car and that it’s OK to bring things such as blankets, cushions and soft toys should they wish. If they’re old enough you could also get them to choose their own smart but comfortable outfit. Leggings and jogging bottoms work well. And don’t forget to bring layers in case it gets a bit nippy and you don’t want to turn the heating on in your car.


Want to go to a drive-in theatre with the kids? Come and join us with the whole family to see our fantastic Dinosaur show in London. Book your tickets today.