Immerse Yourself in a Live Jurassic Setting

Are you a huge fan of prehistoric creatures like the plant munching Triceratops or the formidable Tyrannosaurus Rex? If so, an exciting Jurassic Live experience awaits that’ll truly blow your mind. Dinosaur World Live is currently touring the UK and offers a whole host of family-friendly fun where you can meet and greet your favourite dinosaurs. London is a hot spot for the show this summer, with dates booked for the Open Air Theatre in Regent’s Park. So let’s take a closer look at this roarsome production in more detail. 


Spectacular Puppetry

Life-like dinosaur puppets star in a show that’s designed to educate and entertain the whole family. From the texture of their skin to the way their eyes move, each dinosaur puppet has been thoroughly researched and developed to be as realistic as possible by creator Max Humphries. 


The puppet skeletons are made from a very light aluminium metal, with more complex moving parts formed from a mix of nylon, steel, aluminium and birch. The skeleton frame is then covered with a lightweight foam which forms the muscles. The skin goes over the top and this is made from cloth or treated fur for the feathers. 


There are no electronics or hydraulics in the Dinosaur World Live puppets. In fact, everything is powered by puppeteers and therefore the puppets were made to be realistic while weighing as little as possible. Such incredible creations help to bring this unique Jurassic experience to life and are a huge hit with children and adults alike.


A Wide Range of Dino Guests

During the show, the audience gets to meet a wide range of dinosaur species including a baby and adult T-Rex, a baby Triceratops, a Microraptor and a Segnoraurus. There’s even a baby Giraffatitan which hatches and bonds with its mum at the end. Whether you know every type of dinosaur inside and out or are meeting new species for the first time, the show will shower you with educational facts.


It’s fair to say that T-Rex steals the show. He’s huge and magnificent with an impressive carnivorous roar. There’s also plenty of lights, music and smoke which add to the overall atmosphere. And make sure you bring your biggest roar to try and help put T-Rex back in his cage.


Interactive Moments 

Dinosaur World Live also has plenty of interactive moments which help to keep little ones engaged. After each dinosaur enters the stags, a child is chosen to go and stroke, brush and feed them which adds a whole new level of excitement to those who are picked. Host Miranda, who lives on a remote island, keeps everything fun and lighthearted and fills little minds with plenty of information.


Suitable for children aged three and above, Dinosaur World Live is a dinosaur family show that everyone can enjoy. Book your tickets today and make memories to last a lifetime. The show is specifically tailored to children and runs for 50 minutes plus a post-show meet and greet.