Prehistoric Playdate: Organising Dino Themed Playdates

If your kids are dino crazy and love anything to do with scaly, long-necked or spiky-tailed beasts, why not plan a prehistoric playdate with roarsome activities and plenty of fun? Turn your home into a Jurassic playground and enjoy a dinosaur adventure, live in your living room. Here are some quick and easy tips to help you out. 

  1. 1. Encourage Fancy Dress

One of the best ways to make your dino playdate really cool is by encouraging fancy dress. Ask the kids to raid the fancy dress box or perhaps even work on costumes during the playdate itself. Masks are easy to make and simply require paper plates, paints and some elastic. You could also craft dinosaur feet. To do this, cut two large dinosaur feet out of some green craft foam. Use a different coloured foam for the toes and stick on. When your feet are done, cut an X shape in the top of each one, large enough to accommodate your child’s foot. The little ones can then stomp around in their feet and masks, pretending to be the dinosaur of their choice.

  1. 2. Choose fun activities

There are lots of fun dino-themed activities that the kids can take part in on your dino playdate. From making dinosaur fossils from salt dough to doing dinosaur colouring or crafting a dinosaur habitat, keep the little ones busy with a range of creative ideas. 

  1. 3. Watch a Dinosaur-Themed Movie or TV Show 

From Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures to The Land Before Time, there are loads of really cool dinosaur-themed shows and films to watch on a playdate when the little ones need a break. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you could even stomp out of the house and roar your way to a dinosaur children’s show. Dinosaur World Live uses stunning puppetry to bring life-like dinosaurs to the stage and is great fun for little ones ages three and above.

  1. 4. Make Dino-Themed Snacks 

If the children are staying for lunch or dinner then knocking up a range of dino-themed snacks is a good idea. For a savoury treat, start by making dinosaur shaped sandwiches using a cookie cutter. Place them on a tray surrounded by cucumber sliced to resemble long grass and carrots to look like a volcanic sky. If your children like broccoli florets then you can pop these on the tray too along with dips like tzatziki and hummus. The children can then nibble away all afternoon.

Every good playdate also needs a sweet treat or two. So how about making some dino-themed cookies in advance with your own children and decorating them with the playdate guests? Provide everything from coloured icing and sprinkles to chocolate flake and smarties in case the kids want to give the dinosaur shapes some texture. You could also make some green, slime-like jelly with dinosaur sweets inside. The kids will love fishing these out.

Dinosaur playdates are fun for all and fairly simple to arrange. So go ahead and treat your kids to a day to remember. If you’re looking for a ‘dinosaur event near me,’ book your tickets to see Dinosaur World Live today.