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Are you looking for a fun day out for kids in Belfast?


Make sure you don’t miss the DINO-MITE adventure coming to The Waterfront for TWO DAYS ONLY!


The scaliest spectacle of the year is stampeding into Belfast Saturday 28th – Sunday 29thApril, so make sure you grab your tickets here before they become extinct!


Book now and transport yourself to the world of the majestic Giraffatitian, the mighty Triceratops and everyone’s favourite Tyrannosaurus Rex!


Did you know?


One of the earliest, and most important palentologists to have ever lived was a woman called Mary Anning. Mary Anning’s work started when she was just 12 years old with her discovery of the Ichthyosaurus or ‘Fish Lizard’ – although we now know it was neither of these, but a marine reptile. It lived 201-194 million years ago.


She then went on to be the first to discover the complete skeleton of a Plesiosaurus – which everyone thought was a fake! Despite her growing reputation as a remarkable fossil finder, the scientific community weren’t the most welcoming bunch and failed to recognise her hard work.


In 1828 she discovered the first remains attributed to a Dimorphodon. It was the first pterosaur ever discovered outside Germany. This was later to become known as the Pterodactyl! 


Mary continued to keep unearthing wonderful fossils, but still struggled to make a living. She tragically lost her battle to cancer at just 47 years old, but her legacy still remains with us to this day.


Although dinosaurs are considered a ‘boys’ thing – it’s obvious that girls have – and still can – ROCK the dino-scene in the most CLAW-SOME way!


Read more about Mary Anning’s wonderful discoveries here.