***Our show has now ended at The Broadway Theatre, please check our events page for your next closest show. We will be at London’s Regent’s Park throughout summer so come and experience our London Dinosaur show then***


Are you looking for fun things to do with kids in Peterborough this Easter?


Look no further because Dinosaur World Live has the perfect treat for you!


Using stunning puppetry to bring a range of remarkably life-like dinosaurs to the stage, the show reveals a host of impressive creatures including every child’s favourite flesh-eating giant, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. There is also a special meet and greet after the show for all of your little explorers to make a new prehistoric pal.


Dinosaur World Live is coming to The Broadway from Fri 30 – Sat 31 March.


Come and meet the dinos in Peterborough this Easter, and book your tickets now for this exciting and educational dinosaur show!


Did you know?


This isn’t the first time that dinosaurs have been to Peterborough, as a rare plesiosaur skeleton was discovered buried beneath a fenland quarry in Must Farm in November 2014.


An archeologist from the Oxford Clay Working Group, Dr Carl Harrington, noticed a tiny bone fragment sticking out of the clay in an archeological dig. This led to a four day dedicated dig involving 9 archeologists. At the end over 600 fossilised bone fragments were discovered, and the team spent over 400 hours cleaning and reconstructing the dinosaur.


When she was finished, the newly-discovered plesiosaur was named Eve and became a starry feature at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. You can read more about this discovery here.