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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk with dinosaurs, here in your hometown of Bristol? Well now you can! Dinosaur World Live is coming to Bristol Thu 28 – Sat 30 June! So don’t hesitate, book your tickets here!


The UK is not known for its polite weather conditions, so if you’re stuck with what to do on a rainy day – take cover with the most spectacular dino friends! Miranda (our hero of the story) and her prehistoric pals will be welcoming the people of Bristol, whatever the weather! So grab your compass and get you and your friends down to Bristol Hippodrome this June! Adventure awaits, book now before tickets become extinct!


Did you know?


Have you heard of the Thecodontosaurus? This amazing creature was the 4th species to be discovered, and it’s Bristol’s dinosaur! Its remains were discovered in 1834 in a Quarry in Clifton, by the surgeon Henry Riley and it can be commonly known as Theco!


If you want to check out some awesome Bristolian dinosaur bones, you can head to Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery – which is home to 184 of the remains!


Theco is also one of the driving forces behind the Bristol Dinosaur Project, which has been active since the year 2000. You can read all about Theco and the Bristol Dinosaur Project here.