Top 10 Dinosaur Activities to do at Home

If your children are dino-mad, you might have already Googled ‘family theatre near me’ and discovered that Dinosaur World Live is currently playing at Regent Park’s Open Air Theatre. This is a great treat for the whole family and a show your little ones are sure to enjoy. But if you’re looking for dinosaur activities to entertain kids at home, here are ten fun ideas.


  1. Make Dinosaur Eggs

Chances are, you’ve some Play-Doh hanging around. Use this to make dinosaur eggs. Try moulding two or three colours together gently to create a marble effect. These can then be hidden in the garden for a dinosaur egg hunt.


  1. Make Dinosaur Ice Eggs

Slightly older children might prefer making dinosaur ice eggs. To do this, pop a dinosaur figure into a water balloon, fill with water and freeze. Once frozen, cut off the balloon to reveal an ice egg. Your children might then want to chip through the ice to reveal the dinosaur inside.


  1. Make a Dino Dig

If your kids are into palaeontology, a dino dig is the perfect activity. For younger kids, simply bury dinosaurs in kinetic sand and ask them to discover them using just the bristles of a brush.


For older kids, create a more difficult dig using cornflour and water. Push dinosaurs and bones into the mixture before it sets and then get your kids to chip them out using mini tools such as a hammer and brush.


  1. Trace Dinosaur Shadows

On a sunny day, line a selection of dinosaurs up on a long piece of white paper (you can join several A4 sheets together). Trace around the shadow of each dinosaur before colouring or painting them. You could even cut them out to create a dino collage.


  1. Make a Dinosaur Fact Book

This educational activity involves researching dinosaur facts and noting them in your very own fact file. Decorate with dinosaur cutouts, stickers, drawings, accessories and anything else you like. Use multiple resources including books and websites.


  1. Have a Go at Fossil Art

Draw the outline of your favourite dinosaur onto black paper and cut it out. Use a stencil if you need help. Next, use cotton buds to replicate where the bones should go and stick these down. Study dinosaur fossils online to ensure your art is as real as possible.


  1. Bake Dinosaur Biscuits

Children love to get creative in the kitchen, so how about a spot of baking? Make dinosaur biscuits together using a basic biscuit recipe and a selection of dinosaur cookie cutters. You can then cover each one in green icing and decorate with sprinkles, smarties, or whatever you choose.


  1. Make Dinosaur Masks

Mask making is another fun activity enjoyed by young children. To make a Triceratops, cut the bottom third section off a paper plate and trim a wiggly line around the dimpled edge of the plate. Cut out two eye holes and paint the mask green. When the paint is dry, cut out a beak-like nose from brown paper and stick on. Then attach three triangular shapes for the horns. Finish with elastic.


  1. Make Dinosaur Stick Puppets

Cut out dinosaur images from magazines and stick to a piece of card to make them more sturdy. Children love cutting and sticking so this will keep them entertained for a while. Next, secure a lollipop stick onto the back of each one (adult supervision required). Children can then make up their own puppet shows to entertain the adults.


  1.  Arrange a Dinosaur Hunt

If you’re feeling creative and generous, write a series of clues out for your children that lead to new dinosaur toys. You can let them find a toy after each clue or save the toy for the finale.


Looking for a ‘family show near me’? Then don’t miss Dinosaur World Live. This family theatre show is roarsome for children aged three and above and has been tailored to keep your little ones glued to their seats.