Top 5 dinosaur party games for children’s parties

If your little one has a birthday coming up, they’re sure to love Dinosaur World Live. This live dinosaur show in the UK uses stunning puppetry to introduce families to some of the most incredible prehistoric beasts, from T-Rex and Triceratops to Giraffatitan and Microraptor. Currently playing at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre, this is the perfect gift for a dino-mad child. Simply search ‘dinosaur family show near me’ to find out more.


It’s likely that in addition to tickets to Dinosaur World Live, your youngster will be wanting a birthday party. But what kind of dinosaur games can you organise? Here’s our guide to help you out.


  1. Pin the Tail on the Dinosaur

A dino-themed twist on a classic, Pin the Tail on the Dinosaur is lots of fun and a simple game for kids aged three and up. There are plenty of dinosaur pin-the-tail games available online, so just choose one and stick it to the wall of your venue. Then blindfold each child in turn, spin them round, and help them to feel their way to the picture to place their tail.


  1. Dinosaur egg and spoon race

Another easy yet fun game to organise, an egg and spoon race is great for parties with lots of kids, as they can organise themselves into teams. Grab some coloured plastic eggs and some serving spoons and let them race it out - with a roarsome prize for the winners.


  1. Long Dinosaur Tail

Another great option for outdoor parties or events where there’s plenty of space, Long Tail Dinosaur is like a big game of tag. The birthday child is ‘It’ and has to tag a friend. When they do, the pair join hands and try to tag the next child. The more people are tagged, the longer the dino tail becomes - until there’s only one child left.


  1. Dino, Dino Where’s Your Egg?

In this game, all the children sit in a group, with one child - the dinosaur- facing away from the others. A dinosaur egg is placed behind them, which another child then steals.  Once the egg is hidden behind their back or between their legs, the children say, “Dino, Dino, wake up and look around; Someone stole your egg, can it be found?”


The dinosaur must then guess which child stole the egg. If they guess right, they can be the dinosaur again. If they guess wrong, the egg thief is the next dinosaur.


  1. Dino hunt

A great option for outdoor parties, a dino hunt is lots of fun and tests kids’ dinosaur knowledge. Hide some treasure in the garden, then place or read clues that help to lead the kids to it. These can be in the format of multiple choice questions that translate into steps or directions. For example:


How long was Triceratops?

  1. 5 metres
  2. 7 metres
  3. 9 metres

The answer (9 metres) means the children take 9 steps towards the treasure.


If your kids love to test their dino knowledge, don’t miss Dinosaur World Live, which is at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre until 3 September 2023.