Top 6 dinosaur decor for a child’s bedroom

If your little one is dino mad, they’re sure to love the Dinosaur World Live show, which is playing in London and touring the UK this summer. This fabulous production uses stunning puppetry and audience interaction to bring the prehistoric world to life. Of course, once you’ve caught the Dinosaur World tour at your local theatre, your budding palaeontologist might decide they want an atmospheric dinosaur-themed habitat to sleep in each night. 


Luckily, the variety of dinosaur decor options on the market today is staggering, from the dinosaur bedding at national retailers to the handmade signs created by small businesses. Here are six dinosaur decor ideas for your child’s room.


  1. Bedding

The first step to creating the ultimate dino den is some dinosaur bedding. There’s a huge array of prints and colours available to match the colour of your child’s room - meaning you don’t have to redecorate completely. Get your little one involved in choosing their bedding and they’ll love going to sleep each night.


  1. Dino decals

If you don’t want to commit to wallpaper, a dinosaur wall decal is a great way to add a Jurassic theme to the space. Designs range from cartoony figures and dino footprints to beautifully drawn landscapes and personalised decals, so you can choose something that matches the general feel of the room.


  1. Handmade sign

A wooden sign makes for a great addition to your child’s room, adding a real feel of dino territory. A “Danger! Dinosaurs Ahead” message is fun, or you can choose a personalised plaque with scratch marks and a dino silhouette to hang on their door.


  1. Light shade

A dinosaur lamp shade is a must-have for any dinosaur themed room. Again, there are plenty of options, with prints to match the dinosaur bedding or light shades that come in the shape of a dinosaur. For yonder children there are dinosaur and dino egg night lights that are a little more cute and cuddly.


  1. Plants

Lots of dinosaurs lived in leafy forests or grazed on vegetation. To create a truly roarsome dino habitat, why not incorporate live or artificial plants into your design? Ferns are one of the plants that herbivores would have feasted on, and are easy to take care of, so they will make a great addition to your little one’s dino den.


  1. Furniture

Dinosaur furniture is both fun and functional. Whether you’re popping a couple of chairs in your child’s room, putting up shelving or adding a storage unit or toy box, you’re sure to find prehistoric designs available. Again, younger children may prefer a more cartoony style, while older kids might like a simpler design or a fossil-style theme.


Don’t miss the chance to take your kids to the Dinosaur World show UK tour. Whether they are just discovering dinos or they already love these fascinating creatures, it will stimulate their curiosity and keep them engaged. It’ll be a family day out that will last in their memories too.