Top Five Dinosaurs That Roamed The Earth

Many millions of years before humans arrived, dinosaurs ruled in style. They walked for miles and miles, looking for prey, fighting and sleeping before a mass extinction event took place that changed the world forever. Today we’re fascinated by the fossils of prehistoric beasts and have created dinosaur experiences live on stage to help children learn about life before mankind. But what were the most awesome dinos to have roamed all those years ago? Here’s five of the best.


  1. Tyrannosaurus Rex

This ferocious meat eater existed 66 million years ago in what’s now the USA and Canada, and was seriously huge, growing up to 12 metres long and 6 metres tall. With a name meaning Tyrant Lizard King, the T-Rex was one of the most feared dinosaurs. It had 50-60 banana-sized teeth and could rip almost 100 kg of flesh off an unfortunate victim with a single chomp. This dino was also smart, with a brain twice as big as other carnivores. With running speeds up to 20 km/h, T-Rex could catch most humans if it existed today - apart from the likes of 100-metre champion Usain Bolt, who could reach 40 km/h at the peak of his career.


  1. Stegosaurus

Renowned for its plated back, the Stegosaurus was also one of the best dinosaurs to roam the earth. This colossal beast was the length of a bus and weighed almost seven tons. Weirdly, however, it had a brain that was only slightly larger than a walnut. For a while, some palaeontologists believed the Stegosaurus had a second brain in its tail, but this myth was busted when the cavity identified was simply found to contain a gland. Unlike the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Stegosaurus was a herbivore which meant it survived on plants.


  1. Diplodocus

Diplodocus was a type of dinosaur known as a sauropod. This group of dinosaurs was characterised by their massive size, long necks and tails, and thick legs. The Diplodocus was also a very big beast, weighing up to 15 tons and measuring 30 metres in length. The neck of the Diplodocus contained 15 vertebrae. That’s crazy when you think that other long-necked animals like giraffes only have seven.


  1. Triceratops

With its three horns, parrot-like beak and distinctive armoured frill that could measure up to a metre in width, the Triceratops is one of the most visually impressive land animals to have ever existed. It used its three horns to fend off attacks from formidable predators such as the Tyrannosaurus Rex, with its name literally translating to ‘three horned face.’ Triceratops was also a slow-moving herbivore that used its sharp teeth and beak-like jaw to pluck and chew plants.


  1. Velociraptor

Velociraptors were scavenger dinosaurs. They’d hunt smaller prey and feast on carcasses killed by larger dinosaurs such as T-Rex. Fast, agile, smart and with long claws that could rip into prey, a Velociraptor attack was hard to ignore, especially when they hunted in packs. They had three fingers on each of their short arms and it’s now thought that Velociraptors could have been feathered dinosaurs. The feathers were probably used for warmth as Velociraptors couldn’t fly.


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