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Everybody knows there’s TONS to do in Dartford… With it’s amazing range of parks and outdoor scenery, it really is the place to be this summer with the amazing sun we’re having. BUT DID YOU KNOW that The Dartford Orchard Theatre is listed as #1 thing to do in Dartford on tripadvisor?


And it’s about to be EVEN BETTER because the Dinosaurs are COMING TO THE ORCHARD THEATRE!


They’re going to be roaring into this amazing space from Mon 30 July – Wed 1 August. So don’t miss this amazing attraction and book your tickets here.




Dinosaurs were hosts to JIANT JURASSIC FLEAS! GROSS. The fleas were eight times as big as a regular flea and had a huge syringe-like beak that sucked the blood out of these poor reptiles!


It seems even the biggest, strongest animals to have ever roamed the earth suffered little things like fleas… just like our animals do today.


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