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Miranda is looking for new friends to meet her prehistoric pals at Milton Keynes Theatre. Have you ever brushed a dinosaur? Learned to speak Giraffatitanese? Walked a T-Rex? Well here’s your chance!


The dinosaurs are stampeding into Milton Keynes Theatre from Thursday 19th to Saturday 21st July, for four performances only. Playing at 11am and 4.30pm on various days, don’t miss out on the perfect dino day in Milton Keynes.


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Palaeontologists believe that they have found the largest animal ever as they discovered a jaw bone belonging to a gigantic underwater reptile.


Paul de la Salle, a fossil collector, found the bone in Lilstock, Somerset. An international team of scientists have dated the remains to be older than 200 million years! They discovered it belonged to a meat eating reptile, with fish-like features, that could have been up to 26 metres in length. They compared the fossil – an incomplete bone called a surangular from the lower part of the animal’s jaw – with several other specimens to confirm that it belonged to a big underwater dinosaur called an ichthyosaur.


It is close to the size of a blue whale. Could this suggest that there are animals bigger than our big blue? Is there another who is bigger than the biggest animal to ever live?


Read all about the discovery here!