Walking With Dinosaurs in Birmingham

Calling all dinosaur lovers! The streets of Birmingham are alive with pointy teeth, scaly skin, spiked armour and humongous feet. Well… almost. This bustling city in the West Midlands is home to all kinds of prehistoric beasts. So let’s take a look at things to do in Birmingham that’ll satisfy your love for anything dino-related.


  1. Dinosaur World Live


First up, don’t miss Dinosaur World Live which will be roaring into the Birmingham Hippodrome this March. Using stunning and surprisingly life-like puppetry to bring your favourite prehistoric creatures to the stage, you can meet all different types of dino species including Triceratops, Giraffatitan, Microraptor, Segnosaurus and the one and only flesh-eating giant - Tyrannosaurus Rex. Step into the past like never before and experience a mind-blowing Jurrassic adventure that will stay with you for years. This is a fast-selling smash-hit production, making it one of the best activities in Birmingham for dinosaur-mad families.


  1. Lapworth Museum of Geology


When it comes to places to visit in Birmingham, the Lapworth Museum of Geology is a real highlight. Based at the University of Birmingham, this attraction enables guests to explore over 3.5 billion years of history and features spectacular geological collections. State-of-the-art galleries feature all kinds of exhibits that can be visited free of charge including rocks, fossils and dinosaurs.


Discover footprints made by large herbivores, like the Iguanodon, as well as smaller tracks left by carnivorous theropods. Other dinosaur remains include skulls, teeth, limb bones and eggs from Allosaurus, Velociraptor, Monoceratops and other forms. There is also a wide range of prehistoric bird footprints which emphasise the link between dinosaurs and birds.


  1. Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Head to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery for even more dino-related fun. Here you’ll discover a host of exciting prehistoric treasures including a Triceratops skull and the 3D preserved skeleton of the Ichthyosaur Protoichthyosaurus Prostaxalis - wow that is rather tricky to say! The museum is divided into many different sections and includes other categories such as Science and Industry and Human History, so why not make a day of it and explore in detail? Or just dip in and out as you choose.


What’s also cool is that the famous Dippy the Diplodocus will also be on display at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum in Coventry which is just a stone’s throw from Birmingham. The iconic 26-metre-long 4.17-metre high replica skeleton, which usually resides at London’s Natural History Museum, is going on tour and will be in Coventry for three years.


There’s plenty of dinosaur-related fun to have in Birmingham, so why not plan your itinerary today. Don’t forget those tickets to Dinosaur World Live for a thrilling adventure that’s ideal for kids aged three and up. At 50 minutes long with no interval, it’s designed for short attention spans and will keep children captivated all the way through.