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Are you looking for some fun attractions for kids in Milton Keynes? The most incredible dino-tastic spectacle is coming to the Milton Keynes Theatre Thu 19 – Sat 21 July!


Do you dare to make the journey to Dinosaur World and meet the ferocious T-Rex, the gargantuan Giraffatitan, and even the tremendous triceratops? If the answer is yes, then make your way to the Milton Keynes Theatre, this is an attraction that is not to be missed!


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How could a museum mistake a model for the real thing? Well, it’s interesting you ask, because this fascinating blunder was discovered just this year at New York’s Buffalo Museum of Science! 


Gathering dust inside a display cabinet lay what the museum believed to be a model of an Elephant Bird Egg – when it turns out it was the real deal!


After dispatching it to conservation experts for testing, radiography images not only confirmed the egg’s authenticity, but found it to be fertilised and containing fragments of the developing chick!


Find out more about this RAW-SOME discovery here: https://www.dogonews.com/2018/5/14/replica-elephant-bird-egg-at-buffalo-museum-turns-out-to-be-the-real-deal