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Fossilised ticks have been discovered trapped in amber, which means that these parasites sucked the blood of specifically feathered dinosaurs almost 100 million years ago! Ewwww!


This bug is incredibly common by today’s standards, fossils of parasitic, blood-feeding creatures attached to their host such as this ‘tick’ are incredibly rare! It was found sealed inside a piece of 99 million-year-old Burmese amber grasping a feather, and it is currently the oldest known to date!


These findings provide never before seen evidence that ticks have been sucking blood from dinosaurs that have evolved into modern birds for over 90 million years! The birds were the only lineage of theropod dinosaurs to survive the mass extinction at the end of the Cretaceous that occurred 66 million years ago. With this evidence, we now know the ticks found in the amber literally clung on for survival, but they also THRIVED.


Find out more about this amazing discovery here.