‘We took a party of 21 children, aged between 4 and 11 years old.


Even the youngest children were captivated by all of the dinosaur puppets. But it was the large dinosaurs that stole the show for our children! They have still not stopped talking about it a week later. The older children and teachers were particularly taken with the skilful puppeteers and the sheer scale of the puppets, one of whom took four puppeteers to manoeuvre. Despite the size, each dinosaur had its own characteristic movements and impressive sound effects.


We have managed to do a lot of follow-up work in class with activities ranging from painting dinosaurs, through to researching the dinosaurs featured in the show.


There were ‘wordy parts’, which were appreciated more by our older children and throughout the show our children were on the edge of their seats, engaged and throughly entertained! I would recommend Dinosaur World to parents and grandparents.


A real theatrical treat!’

– Sharon Bond, Assistant Head, Green Street Green Primary School


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